Here at Painted M Ranch we are fortunate to have our ranch manager, Bill Walton, be on the board of directors of the Kansas Cowboy Dressage Association. Bill's official title is Kansas Cowboy Dressage Association, Education Director. Bill has dedicated his life to horses and teaching, so please feel free to ask him why Cowboy Dressage could be right for you.

In the Fall of 2013 Better Horses Network's Terri DeLouche interviewed Bill about Cowboy Dressage and why you should try it. If you would like to read the article you can either feel free to visit their website by clicking their icon below, or download the pdf right from here (page 32 and 33) or Better Horses was kind enough to give us permission to post just the interview, so take your choice:

Better Horses Fall 2013 Issue pdf
Bill Walton interview by Terri DeLouche

To watch Bill ride Cowboy Dressage, you can click through this video to find more from this youtube account. I have included one of his videos for your enjoyment:

Please contact Bill about setting up some lessons to learn how to ride Cowboy Dressage. Contact Bill Walton at any of the options below.

By Office Phone : (913) 856-5001 or Cell : (816) 223-3469

By E-Mail:

Learn more about Cowboy Dressage by visiting (and liking) The Kansas Cowboy Dressage Association facebook site by clicking on their link:

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