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We have a professional trainer at Painted M Ranch, Bill Walton Our training philosophy follows our core mission to create an environment where horses under our care can find a calm, safe, and happy home and our customers can enjoy the positive mindsets of their horses either as interested owners and/or riders.

Bill's training method is based on Dressage principles. This translates into a more athletic, obedient, and safer horse

Our trainer maintains detailed records of each training session. This information is shared periodically with the horse's owner during training. We offer full training and half training. Full training includes up to five workouts per week of approximately 1 hour in length. To complete full training the horse receives 20 workouts. Full training can last more than one month.

Half training includes up to five workouts every two weeks. To complete half training the horse receives 10 workouts. Half training can last more than one month. Time attributable to training sessions includes saddling and unsaddling the horse.

For more info on training, call: (913) 856-5001 or email