A Tribute to Jasper

By Dick Clipp

Clockwork Orange -
“ precision movements by a brilliant chestnut”

Photo by Mary Estrin

March 1980-May 2012

The Transition…

On Tuesday, May 22, in a courageous act of Love, Jasper’s spirit was released from this physical life, so that he may once again gallop and frolic in lush green pastures with his buddies and enjoy a spirit-filled life free from pain.

We were fortunate to connect with Jasper’s deep spiritual wisdom through our animal communicator, Holly Jacobs. Holly, who has bridged the communication with 100’s of horses, dogs, cats and others, bonded with Jasper over many “visits.” His last bucket list was simple and profound - enjoying the gentle breeze and warm sun on his face, feeling the sand and grass under his feet, grazing on the clover outside of his run and having Amy, his owner and soul mate of 26 years, spend the night with him, lay close, so he could heal her emotions before he departed. Jasper’s first communication with Holly from the other side, “I hugged everyone, saw Gram’s, and ran galloping across the green fields to my buddies.”

The Performance at the Kansas City American Royal…

Jasper was featured at the 1993 American Royal’s Concert of Champions. Amy and Jasper performed to the music of the “1984 Olympic Fan Fare and Theme” with Kansas City Ballet dancer, Michael Anthony. It was a magical moment in time with Jasper boldly gliding across the spot-lighted arena with extended trots and contour pirouettes in blazing glory and Michael with his precision pirouettes and profound leaps in tandem with the inspirational music. A standing ovation from over 10,000 adoring fans confirmed they had just witnessed a spectacular and moving event.

Amy & Jasper at the 1993 North American Young Riders Championship

The Beginning - A Lifelong Love Affair…

Amy, age 13, and Jasper, age 6, met at Hunter’s Vale in the summer of 1986 and together, under the masterful guidance of Dressage Trainer, Linda Landers, made rapid strides up the 23 dressage skill levels, including a session with Robert Dover, three time Olympic medalist for the USA Dressage Team. Amy and Jasper also trained with many additional acclaimed Dressage Instructors - Felicitas Von Neuman Cosel, Rudolph Zeilinger, Michael Beining, Conrad Schumacker, Lorie Falvo Doyle to name a few, which accelerated her success. By age 19, Amy and Jasper had earned the coveted United Stated Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver Medals.

Amy and Jasper successfully competed against other Junior Young Riders (age 16 to 21) in the five states of Region 4 and won the Championship in Chicago in 1992, earning a berth to the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Bromont, Canada, site of the 1976 Olympics. In August 1992, Amy and her Region 4 Team competed against over 100 riders from Canada, USA, Mexico and Bermuda. Amy and her mother, Rita, trailered Jasper to eastern Canada and back, over 3200 miles, with many storied adventures on their journey, including Swayze, a large goat that wouldn’t get off the trailer in New York, and the many admirers every time they stopped, as Jasper stuck his head out of the window for carrots.

North American Junior Young Rider Champion Ships ‾ August 1992

The North American Young Rider Championships provided many lifetime connections and memories. Amy and Jasper finished 5th in their Individual ride, extraordinary considering the international level of competition. The Team events were important life lessons that went well beyond the competition.

The Future…

Because of Linda Landers dedication, and the dozens of mentors in Amy’s 32 years of riding experience, Amy is now pursuing her career desire to train beginners and adults in the crafted art of horsemanship and dressage.

Jasper’s legacy for Amy will be for her to find the delightful inner peace of living every day to the fullest, just as he did for over 32 years. Our big, bold and beautiful spirit guide Jasper, has fulfilled his mission. May you enjoy your pasture, your buddies and may the warmth of the sun and light breezes fill all of your days.

Amy and Jasper at Hunter“:s Vale - 1987

Appreciation… Painted M Ranch

Jasper enjoyed the last 6 years of his retirement at Painted M Ranch in Olathe, Kansas. Our family wishes to gratefully acknowledge the Painted M Owners, Sam & Vickie McChesney, Stable Manager, Bill Walton, and Antonio, Stable Care Taker, for their extraordinary and compassionate care of Jasper. Jasper shared with Holly many times how much he loved the tranquility and care at Painted M, his home.

Love Makes A Shift ‾ A Beautiful Jasper Meditation with Music