Painted M Ranch is situated on 70 acres. We have twenty five stalls ranging in size from 12' x 12' to 12' x 20' and space in the pasture for up to 25 horses.


We have three residences on the property. We have done this to ensure the safety of the horses in our safekeeping.

For the stalled horses we have private runs connected to all exterior facing stalls.

We also have three small pastures of approximately 4 1⁄2 acres each as well as three dry lots.

We provide turnout, weather permitting, seven days a week, at our customers direction in either on one of the dry lots or pastures.

For the pastured horses, we have two pastures, one of which is 16 acres (north pasture) and the other is 24 acres (south pasture). The smaller pasture is for mares and the larger one for geldings. As we have many more geldings than mares we reserve the right to add some geldings into the mare pasture.

We have a heated indoor riding arena – 180 x 80. It is lit with halogen lights which provide a uniform lighting.

Our arena flooring is a mixture of “Surefoot” and clean sand.Surefoot is an unique rubber granule made from 100% scrap tires. Utilization of Surefoot provides safe, resilient, dust free footing.

In the horse barn we have two heated wash bays with warm water, three tack up stalls, and private tack lockers.

Wide spacious isles, unencumbered site lines from stall to stall, drop down gates with each stall allowing each of the horses to participate in barn activities, automatic fly spraying, overhead fans, and rubber mats in each stall make for a truly comfortable home for the horses.

We have an indoor lounge for our customers to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the riders in the arena from the viewing windows. The lounge includes a full kitchen. We have an outdoor patio with fireplace and grill for get-togethers. We have three restrooms on the property – a men’s and ladies in the lounge/office area and a unisex restroom in the barn.

The parking lot is designed to accommodate trucks and SUVs. Stalls are wider and deeper than usually available for public parking. We have a large parking lot for trailers. Design of the lot is to accommodate diagonal parking, similar to truck stops on interstates, for ease of ingress and egress.

In addition to the indoor arena, we have two outdoor arenas – a western/roping arena that is 250 x 175 and a show arena that is 200 x 100.

Additionally, we have two round pens. They are 70 and 60 foot in diameter respectively.