Stall Boarding Information

Painted M Ranch, LLC offers a state of the art Morton Building, with lots of extras.

Standard stalls are 12 x 12 in size. One exterior stall is 12 x 20, ideal for foaling, and one interior stall is 12 x 16, ideal for large horses. Overhead Fans with variable fan speeds are conveniently located above stall and cross tie areas.

All exterior stalls have private runs which are a minimum of 12 x 80. Each stall has a hinged gate that allows a horse when the gate is down to participate in more barn activities.

An open rail stall designs allows continuous visability from one side of the barn to the other side of the barn for horses.

Stalls are thoroughly cleaned seven days a week and are stripped as needed.
Each stall has a rubber mat to provide level footing for all horses.
Horses are fed two times per day.

We have a 100% natural fly repellant system to keep flies out of the barn. All was stalls are heated so you can bathe your horse year around. Hot Water is available in each wash bay.

Stall isles are 12 feet wide to allow easy passage of horses, equipment an people. We have heated the perimeter of the indoor arena and cross tie areas. We offer pasture or dry lot turnout, weather permitting, seven days per week for stalled horses. We have custom designed tack lockers to provide maximum storage and air flow.

Our convenient barn hours ( 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM, seven days per week) plus our .
friendly staff and customers make life at Painted M Ranch heavenly.


Paddock Boarding Information

We have two paddocks (three sided sheds) with private runs that can accommodate five horses. At this time the three horse paddock is reserved for Painted M Ranch lesson horses, outside horses in training, and boarders, while the two horse paddock is for sick horses and new horses coming to the barn in need of two week quarantine.

Pasture Boarding Information

We have two pastures, one 16 acres and the other 24 acres. A pond cuts across the two pastures. The small pasture accommodates mares and less aggressive geldings. The large pasture accommodates the balance of the geldings.

Our north and east property lines are wooded.

A creek runs through the wood, both along the north property line, as well as diagonally across both pastures. All the woods have been cleared for horse traffic. Dangerous trees have been removed and limbs have been raised. Trees that have been removed have been mulched and used for trail bedding. Grasses consist of bluegrass, brome, pasture mix, and fescue. The predominant grass at this time is brome.

We have a shelter, which includes a small tack room, on the west end of the pasture. This shelter will be used for feeding in the winter, when the horses will receive grain and hay. We have frost free hydrants to water horses and electricity for electric heaters to keep water tubs from freezing over in cold weather.

We have a 12 x 12 tack room in the big barn dedicated exclusively to those pasturing horses. We also provide small lockers for each of our pasture board customers for safekeeping of personal items. The wash bays and cross tie areas in the big barn are for the use of all boarders.

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