I started my love of horses on a family vacation to Texas when I was about 7 years old. After many pleas they conceded and when I was 9 my parents started me in Hunter/Jumper lessons. From there, my love only grew and I knew that this was where I belonged.

I had somewhat struggled with school up until I started riding, where learning patience and dedication, among other things, helped me focus on my schoolwork and I began to excel in both riding and academics.

I advanced in my lessons through high school and when the time came to choose a life-long career path, I took my life-long hobby of horses and ran with it. I attended William Woods University in Fulton, MO where I gained valuable experience in Dressage and Saddleseat. With the help of some amazing teachers and mentors, I was able to graduate a semester early with a degree in Equestrian Science.

I have never owned my own horse, so growing up I rode every school horse I was allowed and when I got to college and had 157 horses to choose from, I sat on every horse that I could get ahold of. In never riding the same horse for a very long time, I have learned that every horse has something to teach you, and your ride will never be the same from day to day. I am always open to new ideologies and theories and I learn from my students just as they are learning from me. All I ask is to have an open mind, and you will be surprised what your horse can teach you!

My dedication to horses is what helped me become the best that I can be in both school and personally, and it is my goal to help all the students that I teach become the best person they can be too. Through patience, dedication, and a love of animals, everyone has a chance to learn just how amazing they can be!