Groups and Activities

Group Classes Are Not Being Offered Now

At Painted M Ranch we offer group lessons as well as our private and semi-private lessons. Group lessons are defined as more than 2 people in one lesson. There are a few ways in which group lessons differ from our other lessons. They are:

  • The lesson package consists of 4 classes instead of our standard 5 lessons.

  • These lessons should be more viewed as a class. You will sign up for a month of classes with the same group, therefore we are unable to reschedule lessons if you miss one. For maximum flexibility in scheduling please choose our private or semi private lessons.

  • Group lessons are not for beginners. The rider must be able to steer at walk and trot by themselves before being considered for a group lesson. The decision is completely up to our instructor if the rider is qualified.

  • Group classes can be a fun way to horseback ride in a more social setting and for some situations they may prove to be the best option. However, it is our belief the majority of riders would benefit from the more individualized instructions by taking private or semi-private lessons.

    A package for a group class is $130 for 4 lessons. For any questions you have please contact us by email: or by phone at 913 856-5001. To pay online or for more price information please click the logo below.


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