Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment where horses under our care
can find a calm, safe, and happy home and our customers can enjoy
the positive mindsets of their horses either as interested owners and/or riders.


What Our Customers Are Saying

" Dear Sam and Vicki, Congratulations on the anniversary of Painted M. I have shared many of those years with you both. I found Painted M before I found Pepsi and have been very thankful for both finds. It is a clean, safe facility for horses and humans. Thank you both "
Pat Peterson

" Sam, we have loved every minute of being there. I can't thank you enough. My horses have never been happier. Here is to a wonderful New Year."
Sarah Strnad

"This is such a kind, thoughtful thing to do!! Think my 10yr anniversary with Painted M is coming up this summer, have loved every year at your wonderful facility (and, of course, hope for 10 more years!), you both have always made me feel so welcome. Wish you and your family all the best in 2016 and beyond. Thank you for all you do. "

" Bill has been the absolute best ranch manager I have ever met and his care of Captain was exceptional. I can't say enough good things about Bill - he is an amazing person."
Mary Leonida

Thanks so much for all of your care and support over this past month and you willingness to let us give Bedavi a chance back in the herd. While goodbyes are so hard, it's so great to know he had the best home and the very best care he could have imagined in his final years and will always be grateful to you and Vicki for sharing your home and to Bill for his super high standards of care over everything and the horses. These have been some of the best years of our lives and our boys are very lucky."
Gail and Marc Helfer

" Words are inadequate to express our forever gratefulness for your business acumen and foresight to create, construct and maintain the Painted M Ranch exquisite culture. In 26 years, Jasper and Amy have experienced dozens of stables nationwide and in Canada, and without hesitation, Painted M Ranch is one of the premier equestrian facilities anywhere. The continuous daily professionalism, from ownership to stable and equine management and facility/grounds maintenance is unparalleled. The pleasure was ours. "
Rita, Amy and Dick Clipp

" I have been taking lessons for the last several months from Bill. Bill has done amazing things for me and my horse and I tell everyone I know about Painted M!!
Traci Kenner

" Very fun, happy anniversary to PMR. You and Vicki have sure given our boys a great place to call home. Cheers!."
Gail Helfer

" My horses have been happy at Painted M since the doors opened. It is the most beautiful facility and I have never been into a barn where all the horses are happy and no vices. It is such a wonderful place to be..thank you so much for taking care of my babies!"
Sarah Strnad

" I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed my lesson with Monica yesterday. Monica did a great job and is an excellent teacher."
Lisa Lanio

"Bill, we could not be more happy with the instruction you are giving Katie and the care you give our horses. We are very happy at Painted M. I would like this to be a long, productive relationship. "
Rick Breitenbach

" Thank you for making our first horse-buying experience such a positive and enjoyable one. We felt well taken care of in your capable hands; your knowledge and advice was invaluable! "
Beth, Graham, and Lauren Lee

You did such a wonderful job on this ....thank you and Grace for inviting Riley and Grace to participate....they absolutely loved being a part of this great event and for that matter any activity at Painted M! The barn and staff are amazing. Thank you! They will gladly help at any time. (me too!) Thanks again!"
Heather Townsend talking about the Horseshoe Club

" I wanted to let you know what an awesome trainer that you have at Painted M Ranch. I am SO very much enjoying my riding lessons. "
Bobbie Lang

"Thanks again Jed for the wonderful pics of Dallas. That is quite a gift! I LOVE Painted M. Thanks Sam and Vicki for such a wonderful place for Casey and I to be. "
Cyndi Deveaux

" I am really glad that PMR provides such a great home for Shea so that we can enjoy all of the fireworks at home without worrying about our big horse (pyro loving horse folks - what a combo!) :-) "
Karen Phinney

" Thanks for all you guys do to make Painted M the best boarding place in the area, hands down!"
Dionne Newton

" I want to thank you so much for letting us into your wonderful world. It's an Amazing place and im so lucky that i was able to experience it. You truly have a 5 star barn and a 5 star crew!"
Jenn LaMonda

" McKenna will be graduating in December and leaving Kansas City. I wanted to thank you for your kindness and wonderful facility for Snap and McKenna. It has been an incredible place for McKenna to be. I know McKenna is still giving lessons to Abbey, when Abbey can meet and will be happy to continue until she moves in December. Thank you for that opportunity as it has been a great experience for McKenna! We will certainly always give a great recommendation of Painted M!"
Debra Abercrombie

"Uuugh, what a miserable couple of days for the horses. It sure makes me all the more grateful we have Bedavi at PMR instead of nights in a three-wall box with a fan moving hot air around. He's really done well there. : )"
Gail Leis

" Breyton is so excited about be able to do lessons this summer and attend the clubs you host."
Nicole VanOpdorp

" I just wanted to send a quick note to you letting you know how much I have enjoyed my lessons with Bill. We have already improved greatly from our two lessons!! I am sure you are aware but you have an amazing facility and it is a joy to visit. Christine and I will be coming out together for a few semi-privates with Bill - I think we will both be hooked soon."
Kristin Moore

" Lauren has horse-fever, and I am guilty of feeding the fever. But that is a good kind of fever. Horse germs are probably healthy germs too."
Jerry Lechtenberg

"I just emailed Bill about how much I was enjoying my lessons and learning from him. In fact, I just gave his contact info to a friend who wants to start her daughter on riding lessons. I didnt know if Bill started kids or not, but I sure wish I could have gotten what I am learning now as my foundation when I took lessons as a kid."
Nancy Spoolstra

" Would like to say I am really happy to have been able to meet you, and my 3 Horses have never looked better boarding with you. Thanks again"
Karin Glynn

" Equine owners recognize their horse has individual needs and requirements. Luckily so does Painted M Ranch. They take the time to understand & provide the services unique to you and your animal. The staff is GREAT! Everyone went out of their way to welcome me. They immediately saw to my horses needs; then helped me unload and move in my gear."
Kyle Weinstock

"This facility is state-of-the-art and very pleasurable. Convenient lockers and cross ties. The lobby is welcoming and homey. You do a great job with this clientsí horses."
Kelsey Nygren

" Teddy was very excited to be the first resident at the Painted M. He could then check things out withough being bothered by the other residents. He felt the openess of the facility and the ability to look all around the barn and see everything was just GREAT! He said that he certainly won't be bored here. His large stall and run are just exceptional. He is so pleased that his four white socks never get muddy because you were so smart on how you did the runs. On cold days the sand is so nice and warm to lay in. If he would have known he would have brought some toys for the "beach".

Antonio is also great! He feeds me on time and keeps my stall so clean. The shavings are so fluffy and not at all dusty. I just love to lay around when Bill isn't making me work.

That brings up another subject---work. I hate it! Fortunately, I have a good and kind trainer that really takes good care of me. His name is Bill Walton, but I call him Uncle Bill. He brushes my coat with soft brushes since I have tender skin and wraps my legs before riding me. He has taught me so many things. My owner is so happy and that makes me feel good.

It has been a great experience for me. It is fun to watch the parties and cookouts too. I always like those since so many people come by and pet me. How could I be so lucky????

Thanks for such a great place to live, Sam and Vicki. I am looking forward to my other four "brothers" coming to live with me in July."

Teddy as told to Jeanne Ruf

"The care and welfare of the horse is the utmost priority at Painted M Ranch. I know from personal experience that most boarding facilities say and promise this and most fail, miserably. Finally, after much searching, I have found a facility that genuinely means what it says. I can't express enough the peace of mind that comes from knowing that my horses are safe and healthy and in a great environment. Painted M Ranch is a top notch facility with a top notch staff."
Rick Hoffman

"Some of the things that we really like about Painted M Ranch are: The welfare of the horses are the first priority. Safety of horse and rider are emphasized.
When our schedule does not allow us to make it out to the stable, we don't worry about whether the horses are safe or if they have plenty of food and water. We also don't worry if they are hurt or sick because we know that someone has checked them and if there was any problem we would be contacted.
This has not always been the case in the previous places we have boarded in the area. Having knowledgeable staff on site is a real plus. In addition, our horses are extremely happy with the facility. We have noticed a marked difference in their attitude and disposition since we moved them to Painted M Ranch. They are calm and have a willing attitude while still maintaining their spirit. Even our farriers have noticed the difference in their appearance and disposition.

"Although, we know that you can't guarantee everyone will have the same experience, we have really noticed that our horses are much more relaxed and happy. We also enjoy the family atmosphere at Painted M Ranch. Even though there is a wide variety of breeds and riding disciplines, we have noticed that everyone is extremely encouraging of each other's riding efforts and goes out of their way to be supportive and friendly. It is nice to be able to enjoy recreation time in a welcoming atmosphere. We say it just about every time as we head home from the stable ìwe are really happy to be at Painted M Ranch!"
Lyn & Lori Hendry

" I can't begin to tell you how ecstatically happy I am about coming there with Casey. It is a move long overdue. I look at your website daily to remind myself of better days ahead. Thank you for taking the time to give me a fabulous tour of Painted M. I am looking forward to coming and to meet everyone there."
Cindy Deveaux

" Thanks to the whole PMR family & staff for having such an incredible, well groomed facility. "
Wendy McGraw

"I am deeply saddened that we have to leave Painted M. I truly believe it is the nicest facility that I have seen and that Libby has never been happier. We have greatly enjoyed being at Painted M Ranch thanks to your incredible facility and friendly staff. I wish you continued success. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!"
Megan Heintz

"I want you to know how much I appreciate the level of care Prince receives from Painted M. I have boarded at two other barns and they don't come anywhere close to the level of care Painted M gives the horses. I feel fortunate to be able to board Prince at such a top-notch facility who, not only knows what the horses need, but makes sure they have what they need.

Bill is the best! I know Prince and I would not be anywhere close to where we are now if it weren't for him. He is a top of the line trainer and instructor and I feel very fortunate to be able to work with him in not only Prince's training but also in improving my riding skills."
Chandra Ralph

"Dear Mr. Walton (Roper). Thankyou for coming and showing us how to rope bulls. It was very fun and interesting. I learned roping is very important because if you need food you needed to know how to rope to get the food. I would have to say your station was the funnest because you showed us how to do something we have never done before. Also because when I was little I loved acting like I rounded up bulls/cows. It was really fun just getting to use ropes and have almost a live experience roping a fake bull. Thank you very much. It was very good to have you there. I hope that you would come back next year and have just as much fun."
Gabe Helton

"Oh, by the way, my friend from Phoenix was out and had this to say, “now this is how a barn should be run” she was so impressed."
Amy Calderon

"Other popular boarding and training facilities include Painted M Ranch in Olathe, which treats horses with tender loving care. Amenities according to owners Sam and Vicki McChesney, include private runs, open rail design, and hinged gates that allow a horse to participate in barn activities when the gate is down. The 70 acres includes pastures and woods that have been carefully cleared for horse traffic."
From article "Home on the Range" by Veronica Toney, which appeared in October 2006 edition of KC Magazine.

"Many thanks for making us feel so welcome in your "world class" facility!"
Ann Sowers

"Grace--first, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher for Lauren. It was a glorious party on Saturday. We will be very happy to participate in the American Royal HS Club. Save a spot for us."
Sara Kasten

"I do want to thank you for all the wonderful care that you gave Lad."

"It is an honor to have you use Tigger in a birthday party! She will have a lot of fun with you and the kids!"
Kathy Cole, Morgan Cole and Tigger

"I love the ranch and appreciate all you, Bill, Vicki, Antonio, Amy, etc do! Totty is happy. I’m happy. Bill has been such a tremendous help teaching me and training Totty, I am forever grateful."
Donna Wasson

"Hi Everyone. I wanted to throw out an idea/suggestion for those of you looking for summer activities to keep the kids happy, birthday party ideas, or year-round lessons for a developing passion. As many of you know Mandy's parents recently built and developed an amazing ranch just off K-10. It is a beautiful facility and the kids LOVE it! They offer summer riding camps for 6 and up, birthday parties at a reasonable price for all age levels and party/event options."
Michelle Lecuru

"Thank you so much for doing Reaghan's party. All the girls had a great time. I heard so many comments on how nice and pretty the Painted M Ranch is and how clean and nice the barn was. Everyone was really impressed with the Painted M. Thanks for making the party so carefree for me."
Paula Wharff

"I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful learning experience. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to next years camp."
Morgan Stonestreet

"Brooke (my daughter) and I have just loved Painted M. It is by far the nicest horse facility we have experienced. The management and all employees of Painted M have been just excellent and very accommodating. Sonny Boy could not have had a nicer place."
Frank Bannister

"The food is great!"
Traveler as told to Linda Thomas

What's In a Name? 

"The name - Painted M Ranch - came from a moment of inspiration while driving from Tonganoxie to our home at Lake Quivira.  Credit for the naming rests with Vicki.  Painted represents our paint horse  - Scout.  The "M" represents the first letter of our last name, McChesney, and all our other horses at the time of naming being Morgans.  We used ranch in lieu of farm or some other designation because of our business being about livestock. Our barn colors came from the colors of our grulla buckskin, Figure, and our palomino, Traveler.