Other than several family vacations, I did not ride until Valentine’s Day 2002. I have golfed for most of my life and Vicki, my wife, while riding since she was three, really was more interested in water – swimming, boating and sunbathing. With our children out of the house, we wanted to develop an interest that we could share. I could not get that excited about the boating or swimming, but I do love animals. Horseback riding became an excellent compromise.

My first lesson was on Mis, a 15 year old Morgan mare. We walked, trotted and cantered. I could not believe how much I enjoyed the rhythm of the canter. Since that time I have been a lesson taking fool. I have found this sport enormously challenging. I thought golf was tough. With the energy I have expended riding in the last three years, I could be playing golf professionally.

In the past seven years Vicki and I planned several new homes, which ultimately failed to get off the ground because of various changes in our lives. While in a quandry about where to build a new home, we got hit with the horse bug - we now have four horses. We said to ourselves, what about building a horse facility and house together? With that questionable stroke of genius Painted M Ranch was born.

Our original plans for the development included enough acreage to build a 3 hole golf course. The more I got into my riding and this project, I decided that there was no place on the Painted M for a golf course.

I am not a particularly calm or relaxed person. Quality riding requires calmness and patience. This has been a real challenge for me. While I am who I am, I have managed to learn to relax – at least better than when I started riding. This calm has had a positive impact on everything else I am doing – both interpersonal and athletic.

I am very proud of Painted M Ranch.  I have been in the real estate development business for thirty years and in my opinion this is my best development to date.  The success of this development is attributable to the guidance and assistance I have received from my family and all the dedicated professionals that have been associated with this development.  My customers tell me that their horses have never been happier and that fact makes me very happy, as that is what I wanted to realize from this venture.